What Is The Definition of Worm Gear Group ?

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  • Date:2022/04/19

For more than 100 years, the functional principle of worm gear group has not changed: the spiral worm engages with the gear to form the so-called worm gear. The axle here is offset by 90 degrees. Worm gears and worms are usually used in situations where a high transmission ratio (up to 150:1) needs to be achieved in one step. In this way, the high speed of the motor can be converted into high torque at low speed. A worm gear consists of a helical spool (sometimes called a worm) that meshes with a gear, similar to a spur gear. The small angle of the teeth allows the gear to rotate freely while maintaining basic mesh. The worm is driven by a motor. When the motor rotates, it will screw in the screw in the wheel, causing it to rotate, which will act to move any object connected to it.


worm gear group


How To Make Worm Gear ?

The gear tooth surface is precisely ground by using customized tools and CNC machining. This is handled by a machine, and each worm gear is constructed to the appropriate size. Lubricant can be added to make the worm gear easier to operate. Just as these gears are made by different processes, so are other products. It is important to buy high-quality worm gears and worm gears, so it is best to check with different manufacturers and learn more about the comments of others who used worm gears in the past.


For gearbox, motor and driver manufacturers, the worm gear set is the embodiment of the highest precision and reliable and durable function. Our worm gear sets have been successfully used in many applications and industries, whether in automatic and drives, actuators for their dish antennas, linear drives for processing systems, pump meters in the chemical industry or electric gardeners.


Medical applications put forward the highest requirements for accuracy, quiet operation and long service life. The same is true for the stainless steel worm gear set, which can adjust all moving parts of the operating table. The worm gear group is mainly used as a pump system for purifying drinking water and wastewater treatment. The use of high-quality materials ensures the reliability and long service life of our gear set under the uniform load of continuous operation.




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