Worm Gear Reducer

Worm drive gearbox is a device that turns a mechanical shaft into a smaller one, thereby increasing the torque of the output shaft. The efficiency of the worm gear reducer depends on several factors, including the losses that occur at the gear mesh and the bearings, the type of lubricant used, the speed and ratio, and the break-in period. A comprehensive dynamometer test is the simplest way to measure the efficiency of a worm drive gearbox, but field testing is the most practical method of evaluation. The advantages of our worm gear reducer are many, including durability, compact size, low cost, smooth performance, and long life.

A worm pinion is a screw used to input power to the assembly. When coupled with a standard spur gear fitted with slightly angled teeth in a perpendicular alignment, known as a worm gear or worm wheel, the pairing becomes a worm gear reducer. As power from an engine or motor turns the worm pinion, its spirals push the teeth on the worm wheel, causing it to turn in accordance with the designed reduction ratio as it applies the load to its drive shaft. Higher reduction ratios may be achieved by increasing the circumference of the worm gear, or by increasing the number of threads on the worm pinion. 

SW Drive worm drive gearbox is generally used to take a rated motor speed and produce a low-speed output with a higher torque value based on the reduction ratio. They often can solve space-saving problems because the worm gear reducer is one of the sleekest reduction gearboxes available due to the small diameter of its output gear. The advantages of a worm drive gearbox include a high ratio of speed reduction, high torque output multiplier, and they are able to withstand shock loading better than other designs. Worm gear reducers are also low-cost and compact.

Due to their compact nature, worm gear reducers are often used in small electric motors. You will also find worm drive gearboxes in rudders, conveyor systems, presses, mining applications, and metalworking. Stringed musical instruments are typically tuned with small worm gears. Elevators and escalators also commonly feature worm gear reducers, due to their irreversibility. Worm drive gearboxes provide efficient, space-saving solutions for speed reduction. 





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