SW Drive specializes in the design and production of worm and worm wheels, and speed reducer gearboxes. Our company has more than ten years of industry experience. We have nearly 100 sets of production and processing equipment, such as CNC worm grinder, CNC cylindrical grinder, CNC hobbing machine, CNC lathe, etc. With high-precision testing equipment such as gear detectors, spectrometer coordinates, and high-precision auxiliary equipment such as precision CNC hob grinding to provide our customers with the best products. Our technical strength in the field of double lead worm and worm wheels and other zero clearance adjustable clearance speed reducer gearboxes and actuators has reached the domestic leading level.

A worm gear system consists of a worm and worm wheel. The worm resembles a screw, which meets with a worm wheel. When rotational power is applied to the worm, it rotates against the wheel and transfers power to the worm wheel. The worm and worm wheel is designed so that the worm can easily turn the gear, but the gear cannot turn the worm. In some designs, the friction between the gear and the worm holds the worm in place. This feature can be very useful in some applications. To be most effective, it is important that worm and worm wheels are manufactured with high-quality standards to ensure all gear requirements are precisely met.

Speed reducers gearboxes also referred to as gear reducers, are enclosed mechanical gadgets between a motor and a piece of machinery that utilize gear trains to increase torque and lower speeds on a drive. In general, a speed reducer gearbox is a housing that contains no less than two sets of gears (depending on the ratio desired), supporting bearings, shafts, and seals for realizing gear, worm, or gear worm types of transmission, thus making it a very important part of mechanical power transmission systems.

Worm gears are the most compact type of system and provide high-ratio speed reduction. They are often the preferred type of gearing system when space is limited and large gear reductions are needed. Worm and worm wheels can be used to either greatly increase torque or greatly reduce speed. They are also the smoothest and quietest of the gear systems, as long as they are properly mounted and lubricated. Speed reducer gearbox is a very important reducer series, with low energy consumption and superior performance, and the efficiency of the reducer is as high as 95%.





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