Characteristics And Advantages Of Double Lead Worm Gear Pair

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  • Date:2022/04/18

First principle: the meshing principle of the double lead worm gear pair is the same as that of the general worm gear pair. The axial section of the worm is equivalent to the basic rack, and the worm gear is equivalent to the meshing gear. Although the left and right sides of the worm have different tooth pitches (i.e. different modulus), because the tooth pitches on the same side are the same, the meshing conditions are not damaged, and good meshing can be ensured when the worm is moved axially.


Advantages and Characteristics  :

① The meshing clearance can be adjusted very small. The side clearance adjustment of double lead worm gear and worm can be as small as 0.01 ~ 0.015mm, while the ordinary worm gear and worm pair can only reach 0.030-0.080mm. Therefore, the double lead worm gear and worm pair can work under small side clearance, which is very beneficial to improve the indexing accuracy of NC rotary worktable.

② Compared with the ordinary worm, the worm moves along the radial direction of the worm gear to adjust the meshing backlash, thus changing the center distance of the transmission pair; The double lead worm gear uses the axial movement of the worm to adjust the meshing backlash, which will not change the center distance of the transmission pair, which can avoid the above shortcomings.

③ The double lead worm gear uses the grinding adjusting gasket to control the adjustment amount, which is accurate, convenient and reliable; The radial adjustment amount of ordinary worm gear pair is difficult to grasp, and the worm axis is easy to skew during adjustment.

④ Advantages: if the transmission clearance increases due to wear in use, as long as the axial position of the worm is adjusted, the worm gear transmission pair can be restored to the original accuracy without replacing the new worm gear and worm. It is very economical and practical, and is mostly used for precision transmission.

⑤ The transmission has compact structure, stable operation, no noise and high transmission efficiency.


Application: mainly used for precise positioning of gapless circular motion such as driving of large machine tool worktable and high-precision divider. For example, steel plant continuous caster, steel rolling mill, rubber machinery, vulcanizer, turnover internal mixer, printing and paper cutter industry, marine windlass, stage elevator, coal mine monkey car, mine shaft sinking h;oist, high-speed gear shaper, gear hobbing machine, high-speed gear milling machine, crankshaft internal milling machine, lathe with high-precision indexing and rotating servo shaft, precision grinding machine for ceramic friction sheet, five axis milling head, turntable, wind tunnel model support mechanism, engineering occasions, tower crane Large tire forming machine, application in fire water cannon machinery, tank, aircraft, etc.




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