How To Improve The Level of Worm Gear Reducer ?

  • By:Swreducer
  • Date:2022/05/05

一、 Function of worm gear reducer:

Reducer plays the role of matching speed and transmitting torque between prime mover and working machine. It is widely used in modern machinery. Reducers can be divided into general reducers and special reducers according to their purpose, and their design, manufacturing and use characteristics are different. From the 1970s to 1980s, the world's worm gear reducer technology has developed greatly. The general reducer reflects the following development trends:

1. High level and high performance.

2. Building block combination design. The basic parameters adopt priority number, with neat size and specifications, strong universality and interchangeability of parts, easy series expansion and pattern renovation, which is conducive to organizing mass production and reducing costs.

3. Diversified forms and variant designs. It gets rid of the traditional single base installation mode, and adds different types such as hollow shaft suspension, floating support base, integrated connection between motor and reducer, multi-directional installation surface and so on, so as to expand the scope of use.



二、 The main factors promoting the improvement of worm gear reducer level are:

1. Development and improvement of hard tooth surface technology, such as large-scale gear grinding technology, carburizing and quenching process, gear strength calculation method, modification technology, deformation and optimization design method, tooth root strengthening and its meta transition, new structure, etc.

2. With good materials, various high-quality alloy steel forgings are widely used, and the quality control level of materials and heat treatment is high.

3. The structural design is more reasonable.

4. The machining accuracy is improved to is05-6.

5. Improve the quality and service life of bearings.

6. Improve the quality of lubricating oil.




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