Worm Drive Principle And Worm Gear Set

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  • Date:2022/05/09

Worm drive is a simple worm gear group mechanism, and the worm is meshed with the worm gear. Even if it is very simple, there are two important elements: worm and worm gear. (They are also called worm and worm gear) worm and worm gear are important motion control components, which can provide large deceleration. It can reduce the speed or increase the torque output. The advantage of worm drive motion is that they can transmit motion at right angles. It also has an interesting feature: the worm or worm shaft can easily turn the gear, but the gear can't turn the worm. This worm drive self-locking function enables the worm gear to have braking function in the conveying system or lifting system.


Worm gear speed reducers can be considered as a special case of helical gear. Imagine that a spur gear has only one tooth. Now increase the helix angle so that the tooth wraps around the spur gear several times before it appears on the other side, and the result will be a single threaded worm. For a single threaded worm, each complete revolution (360 degrees) of the worm will advance the gear by one tooth. Therefore, a gear with 24 teeth will provide 24:1 gear reduction. For multi start worm, the gear reduction is equal to the number of teeth on the gear divided by the number of starts on the worm.



Worm can only be used with worm gear, which is called worm drive. Like other gear devices, worm drive can reduce speed or transmit higher torque. One of the main advantages of worm gear drives is that they can transmit motion 90 degrees. Worm drive is also self-locking.The most important application of worm gear is for worm gear box. Worm gear reducer is called worm gear set, worm gear set, worm reducer, worm reducer or worm transmission gearbox. It is composed of worm gear, shaft, bearing and box frame.


The worm gear, shaft and bearing loads are supported by the casing. Therefore, the transmission housing must have sufficient hardness. Otherwise, the transmission quality will be reduced. Worm gear reducer has the characteristics of durability, transmission ratio, small volume, strong self-locking ability and simple structure. It is commonly used in a variety of industries: turntable or turntable, batching system, automatic feeding machinery, stacker, belt conveyor, farm picking truck and more automation industries.




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