The Advantages Of SW Drive Double Lead Worm Gear Reducer

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  • Date:2022/04/12

The internal structure of transmission double lead worm gear reducer:

1. Lubricating oil: inject high-performance synthetic lubricating oil;

2. Worm: adopt advanced processing technology to process double pitch worm to achieve the purpose of adjustable clearance, and optimize the clearance adjustment mechanism;

3. Worm end: install two tapered roller bearings to eliminate the error of worm thermal elongation and ensure meshing accuracy;

4. Shell: it is formed by gravity casting of high-strength aluminum alloy, with good rigidity and light weight;

5. Coupling: connect servo motor without clearance;

6. Worm gear: the specially developed wear-resistant copper alloy is adopted. The worm gear is not easy to wear. The locked side clearance is maintained for a long time, and the tapered roller bearing is used to increase.



Overview of the characteristics of the transmission double lead worm gear reducer:

1. The double lead worm gear reducer can adjust the meshing clearance of the worm gear through the axial movement of the worm, and the meshing clearance can be adjusted to 1 arc minute;

2. After long-term use, if the wear of the double lead worm gear reducer increases the worm gear clearance, as long as the axial position of the worm is adjusted, the worm gear and worm transmission pair can be restored to the original accuracy, which is mostly used for precision transmission;

3. The input end is connected with double diaphragm coupling, which is reliable without back clearance;

4. Various output modes can be integrated with the expansion sleeve or output shaft and worm gear, which is reliable and free of back clearance.

5. The slewing clearance is within 1 arc minute;Good heat exchange performance and fast heat dissipation;Strong applicability, high safety and reliability;Stable operation, low noise and durability;Compact mechanical structure, light volume and shape, small and efficient; 6. The installation is simple, flexible and light, with superior performance and easy maintenance.




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