ERP Management System Was Established

  • By:SW
  • Date:2021/05/20

It has been nine years since the establishment of SW Drive, a manufacturer of worm gears and reducers. Through the joint efforts and cooperation of the SW Drive family, we have made continuous efforts to move forward and usher in the harvest. In 2020, with the smooth introduction of the ERP management system, our management system is also gradually toward the data, systematic. The data is more accurate, more secure, and the work efficiency is also improved. Next, we can enjoy the feast of the ERP management system together! ERP system project is a large enterprise management information project, is a system engineering, is an important tool to implement enterprise process re-engineering, its core idea is supply chain management. From the scope of the supply chain to optimize the resources of enterprises, optimize the operation mode of modern enterprises, reflecting the market requirements for enterprises to allocate resources reasonably.




1. Field two-dimensional code mobile terminal sequence, two-dimensional code scanning instead of the traditional manual business card printing tracking. We can clearly see the real-time production situation, production schedule, and abnormal quality. Improve the abnormal quality, order delivery rate, accurate data basis.

2. Display Kanban and personal defective product statistics Kanban dynamically in the manufacturing process. Let the front-line production staff pay attention to the order, delivery rate, quality status in real-time, improving work efficiency.

3. Systematically established material requirements, production arrangements, and plans reduced unnecessary waste and improved the ability of operation management and coordination.

4. After the ERP system was put into use, the generation speed of all kinds of reports was significantly improved, and the work efficiency was significantly improved.







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