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  • Date:2021/05/20

Automobile EPS worm gear and worm motion pair with displacement coefficient greater than 1, the worm gear tooth thickness, worm tooth thickness is greater than or equal to 2, reduce the overall layout of the worm gear space size, so as to make the structure more compact; Generally, the smaller the pressure Angle of gear moving pair, the greater the effective working torque of transmission, the higher the transmission efficiency. In order to improve the transmission efficiency of EPS worm gear and worm moving pair, the pressure Angle is less than 20°. The worm gear is made of injection molding nylon, and the worm is made of gold steel, which can give full play to the material advantages of the high quality worm gear and worm, improve its overall service life, and reduce the noise of the transmission pair.

Regular maintenance - Power steering is an integral part of safe and efficient driving. Without it, one would have to work harder to keep the vehicle straight or turn. Both hydraulic and electrical systems for power steering have their advantages and disadvantages, but as new cars are developed, expect EPS to proliferate. By regularly checking the hydraulic oil and paying attention to whether there is air leakage. Keeping the power steering system well maintained ensures that the car runs as smoothly as possible.








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